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About Ezeelo

  • Ezeelo is one of the fastest growing grocery e-tailing brand in India lead by a group of renowned professional and entrepreneurs.
  • Ezeelo is creating most efficient supply chain in FMCG Market at PAN India level.
  • Ezeelo supply chain model is based on collaboration and cost optimization which is fast scalable.
  • Ezeelo has an innovative model for customer acquisition and retention.

Why Ezeelo is a Good Business Idea

  • Easy to setup and operate business
  • Low to Medium Investment
  • Fast Growth
  • Captive customers
  • Fixed and assured Margins
  • Low Gestation Period
  • Better ROI than any other opportunity
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Teach Enabled Business
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Break Even within 6 months
  • Payback period with 18 months
  • Training on all processes and procedures
  • Minimal Risk