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Nivea+Deodorant-Whitening Talc Touch ,150 ml

Nivea Deodorant-Whitening Talc Touch ,150 ml



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  • A Deodorant that cares like talc, but doesn't show like it
  • Unlike regular talc which accumulates under the creases of your skin , this comes with micro powder that spreads across evenly
  • It even has licorice extracts that repair skin to give you smooth, even-toned underarms, so you get the confidence to go sleeveless
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Nivea Introduces the new Whitening Talc Touch Deodorant that works like a Talc but doesn't show like it. It s pleasant fragrance combines Rose & Lily of the Valley to deliver the perfect balance of protection & confidence and a sense of freshness & care. Contains Micro Powder: Precious mineral (Kaolin Powder) with Ultra-Light formula which gives soft smooth feeling. It is an excellent absorbent and dries quickly leaving no residue.Complete with LICORICE EXTRACTS that gives you even toned underarm skin from within and the confidence to Go Sleeveless .