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Kellogg's+Chocos Whole Grain,250 gm

Kellogg's Chocos Whole Grain,250 gm


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  • Kellogg's chocos is a great breakfast friend to both mom and kids
  • Chocos is now made with whole grain, which gives 11 essential vitamins and minerals and fibre
  • Kids can have fun with the way kellogg's chocos turns milk super duper chocolatey
  • Enjoy the yummy chocolaty taste of chocos, be it for breakfast, tiffin or as an evening snack as it has goodness of wheat, have it the way you like it, with or without milk
  • Prepare your child for an action packed and fun filled day at school
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Kellogg’s chocos is a tasty chocolaty breakfast cereal for kids made with whole grain. It’s fortified with 11 essential vitamins and minerals, has 1. 5g of fibre for 30g, is low in fat and also high in calcium making kellogg’s chocos a good breakfast option for a great start to the school day.