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Brooke Bond+Tea-Red Label Tea Pack,1 kg

Brooke Bond Tea-Red Label Tea Pack,1 kg



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Retail Point: 100


  • Brand: Brook Bond
  • High Quality Blend
  • Rich Taste
  • Rich & Healthy
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Product Name               Brooke Bond Red Label Tea Pack
Brand                           Brooke Bond 
Type                            Red Label Tea Pack

Brooke Bond Red Label Tea makes a perfect cup of tea. The Red Label tea has both dust and leaf variants.The blended mixture of taste and power of Brooke Bond Red Label Tea is proven to be a healthy combination which creates an adrenaline rush in the body when one is low in spirits. The flavonoids used have healthy benefits on the human body and adds to the taste and strength of your tea. 
Intake of Brooke Bond Red Label Tea relives stress, makes you active and lively with enthusiasm. Brooke Bond Red Label Tea brings a unique taste and aroma which last for a significant period after consumption. Brooke Bond Red label tea is packed with active ingredients that are essential for good health.