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Dabur+Hair Oil-Sarson Amla,175ml

Dabur Hair Oil-Sarson Amla,175ml



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  • Unique blend of sarson and amla in single oil
  • Moisturises your scalp
  • Prevents from any hair damage
  • Controls pre-mature greying of hair
  • Gives you glowing and healthy tresses
  • Enhances healthy hair growth
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Unique blend of sarson and amla in single oil.Get healthy and strong hair by using this Sarson Amla hair oil brought to you by Dabur. - The extracts of sarson and amla are combined together that will ensure utmost nourishment of your hair. - Regular use of this oil prevents unnatural hair damage caused by the extremities of weather. - On the other hand, this oil also minimizes hair fall and inhibits premature greying of hair. - Besides, this oil releases your stress and promotes sleep when massaged thoroughly on your scalp. - It will give your hair rich and glossy look that you will love to flaunt.